Geeky Aspirations

So. I’ve had this for a while now and been horribly… horrible at keeping this updated. Which I personally think is a shame as I have so much insight and wonderful opinions to share with everyone. Okay. That wasn’t exactly the most humble of ways to put it but I am sure you guys know what I am getting at.

Anyhow, this is a post about my geeky aspirations in life. AKA: The list of geek sh*t I want to get into.

1) The big thing I’d like to do is get into blogging professionally. I know this is not the easiest thing to be successful in, mostly due to how so many people are already doing so, either via text or video, making for a highly competitive ‘business’, especially when it comes to the subjects of geek and/or tech. Being a layman, I know that my opinion might not be as favored as those who have delved more deeply into those subjects, but am hoping that the more-simplistic points of view I can make will still appeal to potential readers like I feel they do already, here. That means I’ll have to keep up with a lot of things, like various announcements from the comic companies and tech news, etc but I think once I get into the habit of this it’ll become second nature to me.

2) Still want to get into cosplay, my husband’s opinion that I am too old (his words, not mine) be damned. This of course involves my learning how to sew as well as be able to accept failures (which will undoubtedly be a lot, at first) as well as the successes (which might not be as many in the beginning).

3) Collecting! This is a big one I want to get into. This is mostly geek stuff but I’ve also recently discovered that I really also want to get into collecting vintage advertisement signs and prints, etc.  Just need the money! Always with the money. A necessary evil, I guess. 😦

So that’s pretty much the big things I want to do. Go me! 😀

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Thought I’d occasionally post pictures of the various comic characters I like. I have a lot of pictures saved on my hard drive, plus happen upon them a lot while looking up comics and whatnot on the ‘net, so there will be a lot of variety of styles if not characters. 🙂

This is one of my current favorite pictures of Green Arrow. Love the pose and the lighting. And it’s Green Arrow. Need I say more?

Why Are Geeky Hobbies So Expensive? – Pt. 2

Subtitle: And Here’s For Hoping There Won’t Be a Pt. 3

(Yes, I just poked fun at myself for being such a Chatty Cathy.)

So in the first part to my post I kind of touched upon some of why geek hobbies are not cheap hobbies. I had been kind of thinking further on this subject and realized that there’s no way I really can keep this post any kind of abbreviated. So I’ll refrain from making anymore points on the topic and instead just voice my opinion a little bit, instead.

I really think it’s a shame that so much of what is considered to be geeky is so costly. God knows there is a lot I’d love to own but can’t because I can’t convince myself – or my husband, for that matter – that dropping $200-300 for a Captain America figure from my favorite site is a good idea. It doesn’t matter that he looks exactly like Movie Cap did and that he looks very kissab… er, lifelike. Ahem. I just can not justify spending that amount of money on something that’ll essentially do nothing but sit on a shelf or my desk and collect dust.

So what can we do about it? We could demand that companies that make costumes, collectables, props and other similar objects offer us more affordable options but what would we have to sacrifice to be able to get them? Quality, without a doubt, and that really is not much better than having to shell out a lot of money for something that is better made. Six of one, half a dozen of another.

So I guess it really boils down to our having to find ways to be able to enjoy what we like in a manner that we can afford.

And hey… if anyone would like to buy the Cap fig I want I won’t complain. 😉

Why Are Geeky Hobbies So Expensive?

Subtitle: Why Does Being A Geek Cost So F’ing Much!?

Let’s face it. There’s nothing cheap about being a geek. Everything from gaming to collecting to cosplay and everything else is costly and unless you luck out and find something on sale or whatever you’re not going to be able to get away with much money left in your pockets.

This is something I think about a lot, probably almost to the point of being obsessive over the subject. It’s something that makes me weep every damn time I find something I want. It’s a fact I shake a fist at when I realize I can’t afford to spend the kind of money most companies ask for just to indulge my dreams. Of course there are numerous reasons for such being the case, many of which are understandable, which I’ll touch upon some here:

1) Geeks are sticklers for details and authenticity. It’s true. Geeks are totally into details and are so much so that they can tell you just how many pouches Boba Fett’s belt bears and how many running lights the Starship Enerprise has along her hull. Little things like the precise shade of red Wonder Woman’s boots and the style of pants Neo wore in every single scene in every single Matrix movie mad. And not only do the geeks know this but the companies that cater to the geeks’ dreams know this too. And you know what?

Details and authenticity do not come cheap.

The reason for this comes in two points. First off, it takes time to make sure everything’s just right. It takes time to find the proper kind of buttons to sew onto a screen-accurate article of clothing and to hunt down the proper fabric. It tacks on hours to make sure the face for a figure is just right as anyone who does head sculpts for companies like Sideshow Collectables can attest to. And time equals money. And secondly, a lot of companies just use it as an excuse to get more money out of people. It makes sense, of course. You just got to expect to pay more if something is authentic or is intricately detailed.Of course ‘authentic’ could be a cheap knockoff you’re paying way too much for but that is an entirely different subject in and of itself.

2) Materials just are not cheap. Let’s use cosplay for an example for this. Fabric is not cheap unless you are fortunate enough to find something that will work for what you need in the bargain bins . Of course you could always have your fabric printed for you (they do this a lot for spandex that’s used for costumes like Green Lantern, Spider-Man, etc) which bumps up the cost by a large margin if you are not lucky enough to have a fabric printing machine of your own. And then you add to the price all the details like trimming, buttons and other little fobs and doodads. By the time you’re done with the shopping you most likely have invested a pretty penny into what will be going into your costume.

But what if you don’t sew or are doing a costume that’s so intricate that you need to commission a costumer to make it for you? Well, hell. Now you’re going to be paying for their time as well as the materials, bumping up the cost by no small margin more often than not.

Looking at the length of this post, I think I’ll stop here and write a part two later. Curse me and my wordiness! *fistshakes*

Arrow vs. Green Arrow : A First Impression

While I will not wax too extensively on this subject at the moment due to the show still being new and still being aired, I do want to voice what opinion I’ve already formed based on my having seen the first episode.

While I can appreciate what it is they are doing I find myself unable to let go of the Green Arrow I’ve grown to love. I haven’t read him in the comics for very long, only having started to do so summer after last, and have only really delved into a few semi-recent story arcs but even then I can honestly say I adore the character. Everything from his Batman-like stance against killing to the womanizing and inability to commit to Dinah… While a lot of what makes Oliver Queen Oliver Queen can be considered to be unsavory qualities it also lends the character depth and I’m just not getting that feeling from the show.

Yes, there are a lot of similarities but they all feel different. I can appreciate wanting to take a different spin on something familiar but this is almost painful to watch. I want to stick it out, hoping that it’ll grow on me but until then I’m going to try and convince myself that things will improve.

Best end this little geeky-rant here. Will say more on this subject when the time is right.